Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A New Blog Name for the “New (School) Year”

Where did summer go?! It will soon be time for my kids to go back to school. As a former teacher, September always seems a new year for me, and that hasn’t changed much, even though I have been out of the classroom for 16 years. I like to set goals for myself and try to make some positive changes and revisit January’s resolutions. One change I made already is re-naming my blog. The kids and I had a brainstorming session the other day and they came up with some clever names. Sadly, my first few favorites were already taken, but I ended up with one from my top 10 list. Now I need to work on posting on a regular basis! I hope you will encourage me with your comments and check back often to see what I have been up to.

Here are the projects we made in Stamp Club this month.

These are little boxes made to look like ice cream sandwiches. I had these at my “Get the Scoop” open house event last month, and everyone wanted to know how I made them. They are easy to make (if you don’t mind your fingers getting a little glue on them!) and they look like the real thing! These are great for holding a little gift or as favors for a kid’s party.

We also made these two quick and easy cards.

If you would like to make projects like these, consider joining my stamp club. The first visit is free. If you decide to join, the cost is a $15 minimum order each month. Not bad for an afternoon or evening of fun, and you get to earn FREE Stampin’ Up merchandise. Contact me for more details.

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