Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mistakes Can Be a Good Thing

This is a card that we at Bingo! Stampin' Up! style earlier this month.  When I was first designing this card, I stamped the front of the card using the Hardwood background stamp from Stampin' Up!  This is what it looked like:

When I added the stamped images of leaves and acorns - I thought it was "too busy."  Not wanting to waste the card that I used to stamp the Hardwood image, I turned it over and stamped the other side of the card using the "splatter" stamp from the Gorgeous Grunge stamp set.  I like that much butter.  So I continued on and finished the card.

When I displayed the card at Bingo - everyone asked where the stamp was to stamp the BACK of the card.  I was getting upset that they noticed my "mistake" but after the 4th or 5th person asked about it - I realized that it WAS a neat way to finish off the card.  

So I think that going forward,  I will be looking for ways to stamp the back of the card from now on! What a great way to use those large background stamps!

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