Friday, February 1, 2013


I have to thank Ben for making my first video.  I thought it was just a practice run.......but he turned it into a pretty nice video within an hour.  I will be showing you how to use a stamp-a-ma-jig.  I don't use mine very often because I usually don't worry about whether an image is exactly centered on my card.   But when I was making a card using the Patterned Occasions stamp set, some of the images barely fit on the card stock I had cut, so I needed to pull out my stamp-a-ma-jig.  It comes with a reusable plastic sheet to use as a guide for where to stamp your image, but I make my own permanent image sheets by cutting up thin chopping mats that I buy at the Dollar Tree.  You get 2 in a package, and they are big enough to get quite a few out of each mat!  Below is a picture of the packaging, in case you want to go on a hunt at your local dollar store.

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Connie P said...

Thanks for the idea on the mats. I got some and plan to get more for the many stamp sets I have.